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Pimp My CrackMe contest results

Around three weeks ago, Bartek announced a competition called “Pimp My CrackMe” on his website. The main prize was a free pass to the CONFidence 2011 conference, which is going to take place in on 24-25 May, in Cracow. The task was to create an interesting CrackMe program, which would then be judged based […]

Windows Kernel-mode GS Cookies and 1 bit of entropy

Hello, Today, I would like to present the results of the research, performed by me and Gynvael Coldwind, during the last three or four weeks – an almost forty-page long article, entitled “Exploiting the otherwise non-exploitable: Windows Kernel-mode GS cookies subverted” (yes, that’s an obvious reference to the “Exploiting the otherwise non-exploitable on Windows” by […]

Windows kernel2user transitions one more time

Hello, Before I start talking (writing?) over the real subject of this short post, I would like to make some interesting announcements. My friend mawekl has recently fired up a project called Security Traps. The website consists of numerous IT-related challenges, ranging from typical JavaScript-hackmes, through Windows software Reverse Code Engineering tasks, up to C/C++ […]

Kernel exploitation – r0 to r3 transitions via KeUserModeCallback

Hey there! I have recently came across (well, not entirely by myself… cheers Nahuel!) a fairly (un)common problem related to performing ring0-to-ring3 transitions, after a successful kernel vulnerability exploitation. As I have managed to come up with a bunch of possible solutions, and even write exemplary code for some of these, today I would like […]

Windows CSRSS Write Up: Inter-process Communication (part 2/3)

A quick beginning note: My friend d0c_s4vage has created a technical blog and posted his first text just a few days ago. The post entry covers a recent, critical libpng vulnerability discovered by this guy; the interesting thing is that, among others, the latest Firefox and Chrome versions were vulnerable. Feel free to take a […]

“Descriptor tables in kernel exploitation” – a new article

Hi there! Not so long (a few weeks, actually) ago, me together with Gynvael Coldwind had a chance to carry out a research regarding the Global and Local Descriptor Tables being used as a write-what-where target, while exploiting ring-0 vulnerabilities on 32-bit Microsoft Windows NT-family systems. The result of our work is a small article, […]

x86 Kernel Memory Space Visualization (KernelMAP v0.0.1)

What I would like to write about today is a subject I have been playing with for quite some time – Windows kernel vulnerability exploitation techniques. While digging through various articles and other materials, I appeared to find bunches of interesting facts that are worth being described here. The post presented today aims to describe […]