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Windows CSRSS Write Up: the basics (part 1/1)

NOTE: The following post entry opens a series of CSRSS-oriented articles, aiming at describing the uncovered CSRSS mechanism internals, present in the Windows OS for more than fifteen years now. Although some great research has already been carried out by a few curious guys (check out the references), no thorough case study is available until […]

CONFidence 2010 is over

One of the biggest (best ;)) IT security-oriented conferences in Poland finished three days ago, in the wednesday evening. In the very first place, I would like to congratulate all the organisers, for their decision on where the event should be held, as well as how it should look like – during these two days, […]

Windows CSRSS cross-version API Table

Hello! It seems like half a year has passed since I published the Win32k.SYS system call table list on the net. During this time (well, it didn’t take so long ;)) I managed to gather enough information to release yet another API list – this time, concerning an user-mode application – CSRSS (Client/Server Runtime SubSystem). […]

Windows Kernel Vulnerabilities continued – details

And so it happened ;> As I’ve written in this post, Gynvael Coldwind has just finished speaking about recent Windows Kernel Vulnerabilities on the Hack In The Box Dubai conference, taking place today. Unfortunately, because of the European air communication being disabled these days, the presentation was held remotely – one way or another, it […]

Controlling Windows process list, part 1

First of all, I would like to point out that my old bootkit presentation related stuff is available since a few weeks now. As the whole event was held in polish language, so are the slides / materials. One way or another, if some of you were interested, just take a look at the Slow […]

Process termination issues

1. Introduction The first technical post here is about the process of terminating applications on Windows system. I have been researching this subject for the last few days, during which a number of interesting (yet unknown) facts has appeared. Some of the solution ideas regarding particular problems are presented here, though I am sure there […]