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FYI: Printable “Windows Kernel Address Protection” paper out

That’s just a short notification that I decided to release the Windows Security Hardening Through Kernel Address Protection article published in Hack in the Box Magazine #7 over a month ago (see HITB #7 on the wild, at last). The paper is now available in a nicely formatted, printer-friendly format. If you missed it then, […]

Hack in the Box Magazine #7 on the wild, at last.

Hello, It gives me a great pleasure to announce that after several months past the last release (see The HITB Magazine #6 now available!), the awesome crew (as always, special kudos to Zarul Shahrin) has managed to put up the 7th edition of Hack in the Box Magazine! Without much ado, I will just say […]

The HITB Magazine #6 now available!

As usual, I would like to inform you that the sixth issue of the Hack in the Box Magazine has just been published. Unlike previous editions, the paper is released several weeks after the HITB Amsterdam 2011 security conference – we spent the additional time working on providing you with even more interesting sections and […]

HITB E-Zine Issue 005 finally made public

Hello, Today, I would like to present the fifth issue of the well-known Hack In The Box e-magazine, originally brought back to life by Zarul Shahrin, in January last year (see the complete release history here). As usual, every Windows Internals maniac can find something for himself: this time, I described some of the most […]

HITB eZine Issue 004 is public!

Hey! Traditionally – during the annual, last Hack in the Box 2010 conference edition held in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia (follow HITBSecConf @ Twitter), an IT-security related magazine is released ;) Since three issues, I have been contributing to the paper with my Windows-oriented articles. This time, I would like to present a publication called Creating custom […]