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Black Hat USA 2013, Bochspwn, slides and pointers

Ten post nie jest dostępny w języku polskim!

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  1. Witas | 14-sie-13 at 01:10:03 | Permalink


  2. eDameXxX | 14-sie-13 at 04:29:06 | Permalink

    Gratulacje panowie!

  3. jusme | 24-sie-13 at 14:54:16 | Permalink

    wait, you’re only 21?

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  1. […] the scope of one system call, and produce meaningful reports. The project was called Bochspwn [1][2][3] (or kfetch-toolkit on Github) and was largely successful, leading to the discovery of several dozen […]

  2. […] conditions in the kernels of various popular operating systems (see SyScan slides and whitepaper, Black Hat slides and source code on GitHub). Bochspwn Reloaded repeated the success of its predecessor, so far […]

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