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FFmpeg and a thousand fixes

Ten post nie jest dostępny w języku polskim!

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  1. Anon | 10-sty-14 at 22:00:44 | Permalink

    Which of the codecs and features would you consider to be the most robust even before your work was started?

  2. Ricardo Jurczyk Pinh | 17-sty-14 at 11:14:40 | Permalink

    Oh God, a friend of mine told me that my “cousin” developed an exploit who made a lot of 32-bit Windows 7 hangs. I didn’t give him much credit.

    But I decided to take a chance, and bingo, I think we are really, on some way, cousins. My grandparents came from Poland to Brazil almost 90 years ago. Maybe there is someone who is your ancestor and was my grandfather’s siblings.

    And it’s nice to see that I’m not the only Jurczyk guy who likes free software.

    Cheers, Ricardo.

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