Thank you for your contribution!

Since we managed to collect a fair amount of the API output samples, a decision was made to shut down the panel (2010-12-29).

Adequate information about the document will be placed here, on my blog ( and Twitter (@j00ru). Stay tuned!

Once more - thank you for all of the help ;-)

Hello, wanna help?

I am collecting an experimental set of the GetSystemTimeAdjustment Windows API function output.

The purpose of this is to gather as much information as possible, from different hardware / software platforms (as well as Virtual Machines); the results are then going to be presented in an incoming paper - you're going to be credited for the help, ofc ;)

In order to help me, you can either compile a simple snippet of C++ source code and paste the program output below, launch a ready EXE on your machine and paste the output below, or obtain the API's result in any other way, and submit the info via the below form.

Optionally, you can send the info via e-mail (j00ru.vx @ gmail).

NOTE: Virtual Machine results are as much (or even more) appreciated, don't hesitate to test these.

The source code can be downloaded from the following location: link (ticks.cpp, 683 bytes)

A ready-to-go executable can be downloaded from the following location: link (ticks.exe, 51kB)

When sending the requested information, please include:

  • CPU Information (producent, family, clock-frequency, 32 vs 64, whether VM)
  • Software platform (Windows edition, service pack)
  • Your nickname (optionally)
  • The program output