Recent conferences’ reports

It seems like the blog has been dead for more than two months, mainly due to kind of wrong priority hierarchy – there was always something interesting to research, even when I should be busy writing a next interesting post on my blog ;)

The recent weeks haven’t been wasted at all, as the site state might suggest. Thanks go to the SecNews admin for dropping a line about this place, a few days ago – the sudden visit rate increase was really motivational to keep on posting here. Since now, I’ll try to redesign my priorities so as to spend more time on the blog development, but life will show how will I handle it.

What I am going to describe today is not a technical subject at all (though strongly related to). During recent times I’ve been present at a few really well-organised conferences (though not every I wanted to attend), all of which I am going to mention here. The most popular one, CONFidence 2009 will be described in detail while the other ones will only be briefly introduced to the reader.

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