Windows Kernel Local Denial-of-Service #3: nt!NtDuplicateToken (Windows 7-8)

This is the third post in a series about unpatched local Windows Kernel Denial-of-Service bugs. The list of previous posts published so far is as follows:

As opposed to the two issues discussed before, today’s bug is not in the graphical subsystem (win32k.sys), but in the core kernel module: ntoskrnl.exe, and more specifically in the handler of the nt!NtDuplicateToken system call (under the same name). An equivalent bug can also be found in the nt!NtCreateToken system call, but since it requires the¬†SeCreateTokenPrivilege privilege, it cannot be triggered by a regular user, and hence is not of much interest to us.

According to MSDN, the definition of the syscall is as follows:

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