DllMain and its uncovered possibilites

Aww, another month or even more has apparently passed just in front of my eyes. As some of you might have realized, the school time have already ended (something like two weeks ago), thus allowing me to carry out some more research and remember about this blog. I expect some more posts to be written in the very next days, hope this will succeed.

In this particular post, I would like to describe some curiosities I found inside the kernel32.dll (and KernelBase.dll in case of Windows 7 RC) and ntdll.dll default Windows libraries. Not only want I to share the ideas that occured to me during this small research, but also I would like to hear some new techniques of making use of what I found. Feel free to add new facts/ideas regarding this post, as I could overlook some obvious assumption or things like this. Remember this is not and shouldn’t be considered a thorough report. To make everything clear, the entire post covers the situation on x86 versions of Microsoft Windows systems.

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